Experienced, Professional Photography - Dayton Home Photo
Dayton Home Photo provides professional real estate photography to real estate agents and brokerages in the Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati Ohio regions.
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Experience makes the difference

“I grew up in the real estate business…” is what I tell people. My mother became an agent when I was a baby, and went on to become a broker and open her own agency. Growing up, the real estate experience was all we knew as kids.

As an adult, I spent nearly 10 years as a licensed Realtor® before taking a position at the Dayton Area Board of REALTORS. I spent 17 years at the board gaining insights from a wider perspective on how the business could and should work.

Starting when I was an agent, I taught part time at the Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology (OIP&T), a nationally renowned photography school located in Dayton. 

I was able to do this because I’ve been an active photographer since my youth, working with my dad in the darkroom in our basement. This, coupled with my love of photography from my youth, made the transition into Dayton Home Photo very natural.

As you can see, my entire life prepared me for real estate photography. It was natural that I start Dayton Home Photo.

Dayton Home Photo is operated with this simple mission statement:

Dayton Home Photo provides professional real estate photography with an exceptional service attitude. We have a strong commitment to support the real estate community and we present your property accurately and ethically, while delivering photos that showcase your property in the best possible light.

Delivering quality photography with customer-centric service and providing the best marketing support to our clients is what drives us daily.

David Kingston, Owner/Photographer

David Kingston, Owner/Photographer